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We need Beauty back into the Arts

Even a cultural illiterate like your author can hear that music took a radical turn for the worse in the early 20th century. The change affected both popular and classical music, but the highbrow... Read More | Share

On the necessity to promote European culture(s)

In the past Europe was the birth place of the so called “Western civilization,” with centuries old creativity and heritage so abundant, that made our continent dominant in most arts.... Read More | Share

The Value of Writing

It is Cadmus of Tyre who is credited with giving the Greeks–and, after them, the whole of Western civilization–this fabulous invention, the art of writing. To the ancients, writing was,... Read More | Share

The new cultural revolution

“This book, pillar of Italian litterature, is offensive and discriminatory to the Jewish people and teaches students an antisemitic message relayed by the Catholic church in the mass and the... Read More | Share

Quotes from King Sejong the Great

In 1425 died, in Constantinople, a wise king, Manuel II Palaiologos, who left us, among other writings, a mirror of prince, written for his son and heir John. These letters reflect the mind of a... Read More | Share

The Forum Romanum

... Read More | Share

Language as interpretation of reality

Human language is ordained according to certain rules and principles which “codify” the place of words in a sentence (syntax), the appropriate word usage (semantics), verb tense, and so... Read More | Share

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