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Solzhenitsyn as critic of Communism and Liberalism

In Invisible Allies, his tribute to those Russians who, at considerable risk to themselves, helped to further his work while he was under constant surveillance by the KGB, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn... Read More | Share

The legacy of Minos

Minos was not Greek. Rather, the historical Minoans discovered barely a hundred years ago by Sir John Evans were certainly not Greek, but–linguistically and ethnically–related to the... Read More | Share

The mosque of Notre-Dame

Notre-Dame in Paris has been the background of Victor Hugo’s famous novel Le Bossu de Notre-Dame. Throughout the Middle Ages, the cathedral served as the artistic and architectural model for... Read More | Share

Greek and Roman world websites

For those interested in Graeco-Roman mythology, the following website provide a complete source of information online on genealogy and myths of the Greaco-Roman pantheon, as well as an image... Read More | Share

Herodotus: the father of our liberal arts?

Herodotus is often credited with the honorific title of “Father of history.” If this title has often been the object of debate in modern scholarship–with noticeably certain... Read More | Share