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We need Beauty back into the Arts

Even a cultural illiterate like your author can hear that music took a radical turn for the worse in the early 20th century. The change affected both popular and classical music, but the highbrow... Read More | Share

Russian ecclesiastical chants of the medieval period

Professor Anatoli Viktorovich Konotop is a musicologist and has been working for 35 years on deciphering and transcribing ancient Russian ecclesiastical chants as they were sung in monasteries in... Read More | Share

Chants of the Church of Rome, Byzantine period

Chants of the Church of Rome, Byzantine period. A chant (in Greek) of the Church of Rome during the Byzantine period. Ensemble Organum, Marcel Pérès. ... Read More | Share

More Old Roman chants in Latin

The first is a powerful invocation to God titled “Alleluia,” while the second is a chant composed during the period of the Greek popes in Rome (ca. 7th century), and therefore is... Read More | Share

Byzantine and post-Byzantine music series

Series of very well-made videos showing aspects of Byzantine history through manuscript illustrations, with Byzantine folk music as background. ... Read More | Share

The Passion According to Matthew

It is almost by chance that I came across this composition for orchestra and choir of which I had quite astonishingly never heard before. It is a work that is worth listening to, and which, in my... Read More | Share