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Notes on Plato’s Symposium

The following are notes on Plato’s Symposium. They may not contain anything new, just remarks on one of Plato’s greatest works written after confronting common contemporary perceptions of... Read More | Share

Solzhenitsyn as critic of Communism and Liberalism

In Invisible Allies, his tribute to those Russians who, at considerable risk to themselves, helped to further his work while he was under constant surveillance by the KGB, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn... Read More | Share

The modern economy: in freedom or in servitude?

We are often told by apologists of modern civilization that we are now living in a wealthier and more educated society than was the case at the beginning of the 20th century. The... Read More | Share

The West and the march to progress

The notion of progress is one that could very well characterize how modernity thinks of itself.  Theoretically, this concept goes back to the development in the sciences of the notion of... Read More | Share

The Ghosts of Europe’s Past

Yet another perspective on the European Union, rather original and with which I agree on the main points, except that of the common language. Why would (and should) the European Union adopt the... Read More | Share

On the necessity to promote European culture(s)

In the past Europe was the birth place of the so called “Western civilization,” with centuries old creativity and heritage so abundant, that made our continent dominant in most arts.... Read More | Share

Europe has failed to create Europeans

An excellent, in my opinion, column on the need to create a European consciousness, and the failure of the European Union and our national leaders to do so. The assertion that Europe needs more... Read More | Share

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