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The modern economy: in freedom or in servitude?

We are often told by apologists of modern civilization that we are now living in a wealthier and more educated society than was the case at the beginning of the 20th century. The... Read More | Share

Europe has failed to create Europeans

An excellent, in my opinion, column on the need to create a European consciousness, and the failure of the European Union and our national leaders to do so. The assertion that Europe needs more... Read More | Share

The Value of Writing

It is Cadmus of Tyre who is credited with giving the Greeks–and, after them, the whole of Western civilization–this fabulous invention, the art of writing. To the ancients, writing was,... Read More | Share

The new cultural revolution

“This book, pillar of Italian litterature, is offensive and discriminatory to the Jewish people and teaches students an antisemitic message relayed by the Catholic church in the mass and the... Read More | Share

Totalitarianism: the inversion of politics

Arendt, however, is not saying that racism or any other element of totalitarianism caused the regimes of Hitler or Stalin, but rather that those elements, which include anti-Semitism, the decline... Read More | Share

Metamorphosis of the City

Pierre Manent’s Les Metamorphoses de la Cité is a work that seeks to trace the identity of Western civilization through its political history. To him, the polis, and by extension, the... Read More | Share

Bulgaria: Case-Study in Secularism

critique of secularism has become the template for recent explorations of liberalism and secularization processes in the post-colonial context, particularly those that wish to explore the inner... Read More | Share

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